Surrendering an Animal to SYALER

Animals surrendered to Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue can be claimed as a tax deduction.
Please contact us for more info.

SYALER understands the decision to surrender your donkey or mule to us is a difficult one. If you have questions about the process of surrendering a donkey or mule to the rescue, please contact us via phone or e-mail and we will be happy to talk with you further. Out goal is to make the surrender process as easy as possible for both you and your animal. SYALER is also happy to work with you to try to figure out a way for you to keep your animal if that is the best option for all involved. We are happy to offer training and handling advice to you.

The first steps in surrendering an animal to SYALER is to contact a representative and fill out a surrender form. Please know that information we ask you to supply us with is kept confidential and will only be used to make the best match possible with potential adopters.

Please give as much information as possible on what your equine has been eating, any habits they have or little quirks. This will help us make them as comfortable as possible with their transition to the rescue. The more details the better!

Transportation of surrendered animal to the rescue is available in most cases. The charge is a $50.00 hook-up fee plus $3.00 a loaded mile.

Download Surrender Contract (PDF format)

See Surrender Contract (doc format)

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