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Save Your Ass Longear Rescue

Long Ears can do dressage!

Save Your Ass Longear Rescue

Teach your Long Ear to fetch!

Save Your Ass Longear Rescue

Party Tricks!

Check out the facebook page:

Positively Donkeys and Mules.
This group is to provide information and share thoughts and ideas about humane, positive training and the general well being of donkeys and mules.

Empowered Equestrians facebook page.
Empowered Equestrians.
Great Equine group with the focus on reinforcement based training.

The Donkey Sanctuary
General Information, Care & Welfare, Books, Health Care, More…

Donkey Sanctuary of Canada

The American Donkey & Mule Society
General information, FAQs, Breeder Listing by State, Breed Registry, Publications, Book & Resource Service, More…

What all long ear lovers already knew!

You Tube video celebrating long ears.

Straw as Feed by Kris Maxwell

Team Donk
Great blog site - Jim and Kristi Kingma in Grangeville Idaho

Maddy Gray's wonderful online news site

Mule Girls products for long ears. A percentage of profits will be donated to SYA!

Laurie Bayer Personalized Horse Products - Stall Signs, Personalized Halters, Tack Plates, Bridle Tags, Pet Tags, Leather Bracelets and More.

Alaskan Combination Formulas
The Alaskan Combination Formulas are unique blends of our flower, gem and environmental essences. They possess a special co-creative synergy that is only possible when healing energies from the flower, mineral and elemental kingdoms are combined through focused intention.

Many animals, especially rescue animals, have been deeply traumatized by a lack of emotional care and nurturing, and in severe cases, by an absence of the most basic physical necessities such as food and water. This kind of neglect can leave scars that, while not necessarily visible, can seriously affect an animal’s behavior and sense of well-being for the rest of its life. The practice of using flower, gem, and environmental essences with animals is extremely beneficial.

Please visit their website to learn more.

Huge thanks to these folks who donated essences to the rescue!

Spectra Vet
A very special Thank you to Molly of SpectraVet for her VERY GENEROUS donation of a laser machine to Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue. I was introduced to Molly at SpectraVet when it was suggested I treat a deep wound on my dog's foot with laser therapy. The results have been nothing short of amazing. I have also used to to repair a cracked beak on a parrot and we have used it to successfully treat rain rot on a little donkey's ears. I am very grateful to have such a helpful tool at our disposal. Molly is a wonderful person to deal with, very knowledgeable, and is a kindred spirit, with a great love of animals and their well being. I can't say enough good things about Molly and the laser products she carries.

If anyone needs physical therapy or help with wound management for their equine, Save Your Ass Rescue HIGHLY recommends Jennifer Brooks, PT, MEd, CERP.
Jennifer is a Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner from Brookline, NH and a wonderful, down to earth, caring and compassionate woman.

"I had the good fortune to meet Jennifer Brooks at a Farm and Forest Expo in NH. We started chatting about her work and I asked her about a problem I was having with one of my dogs. Jennifer was very kind and helpful and thought she might be able to help me. I made an appointment to bring my dog Sunny to her for a consultation. He had suffered radial nerve damage to his right front leg. As it healed and he started to use the leg it would flop and he brought the metacarpal pad part of the foot down so hard that he took off most of that pad. That resulted in a large, open sore that just would not heal in spite of all our vet and I could think of. Jennifer set me up with a laser rental and the rest is history! In only a few months, what had remained un changed for at least six months, a major change could be seen. Without Jennifer's assistance this would not have been possible. This is what she did with my dog! Her specialty is equine stifle problems. If any of you reading this have a problem with your dog or equine I cannot recommend Jennifer highly enough. Not only is she brilliant at her work, she is a down to earth, compassionate, lovely person.
Jennifer now treats dogs at Mass Vet Referral Hospital in Woburn, MA along with dogs and horse clients privately throughout New England."
Ann W. Firestone, President & Shelter Manager

Please check out her website:
She can also be reached at 603-566-6561 or

Save Your Ass Longear Rescue

Pete Ramey made a wonderful dvd set just about donkeys! Every donkey owner and donkey trimmer should watch this!

Please check out Horse and Rider books! We get a
5% donation for every book purchased!

Save Your Ass Longear Rescue

Check out Fenway Bartholomule's Poem - "The Rescued"

If you've ever loved a mule, or if you've ever loved a horse—or a donkey, hinny, pony—or a zebra, I suppose—then you're in. You KNOW. You know and love that smell, our intoxicating fragrance (strongest and cleanest, by the way, in the little nook between our jowls). You know that our stools aren't icky; they're more akin to grass than dog $#!%, and no trouble at all when stepped in. You'll know that horse dirt underneath your fingernails isn't REALLY dirty, and you'll know that all that hay falling off your sweater during your morning meeting or professional symposium is merely a fond reminder . . . that the hair on your wool jacket is a medal of honor, earned through the noble work of grooming our itchiest places . . . that the clanging of our blanket hardware in the dryer during dinner is a worthwhile racket, and that a clean equine wardrobe is well worth the cost of a drowned-out conversation. You'll know that every vet bill, every feed bill, every trimmer bill, every board bill was a bill gladly paid, with money well spent. You'll know that, in the end, we're cheaper than therapy.

OK . . . better than therapy. Maybe not cheaper.

If this sounds crazy, get thee to a barn! You have much to learn, and you're missing out on something big. Something profound. Something life changing. Something, or someone, special. Someone, perhaps, like me—Fenway Bartholomule.

Click here to visit Fenway's blog at

Save Your Ass Longear Rescue

Save Your Ass Longear Rescue

Save a Pet's Life provides humane education and information, classroom visits, seniors pet therapy and animal rescue.

Save Your Ass Longear Rescue

Labrador Hill Sanctuary

Labrador Hill Sanctuary Inc , established in 2000, is dedicated to providing land and sanctuary for the long-term care, training and rehabilitation of equines-donkeys, horses, ponies and mules-and to providing a humane education program for students of all ages and abilities.

Custom Donkey & Mule Decals

Lucky Horse Equine rescue
Equine rescue based in Bolton, Mass.

Lucky Three Ranch
Training and handling information, many books, videos, and resources available.

Sagebrush Ranch Mammoth Jackstock
Specializes in show and saddle American Mammoth Jackstock donkeys. A portion of the proceeds of the donkey training video will go to SYA.

Longhopes Donkey Shelter
50 S. Dutch Valley Road
Bennett, CO 80102

Lucky August Equine Solutions
Alfred, ME
Bach Flower Remedies for Horse and Rider from Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner Katherine Drenski.

Save Your Ass Longear Rescue

Why do I drive donkeys rather than ride? I actually do both but driving gives me a thrill and a huge sense of personal satisfaction. More importantly driving is the most relaxing activity I do! When I am behind the team my heart soars with the eagles, the squawking geese, the diving hawks, it sings along with the songbirds perched on the electrical wires as we pass them by. It gives me a true sense of the changing seasons as I watch the tender green fall wheat poking out of the ground and eventually maturing into tall golden rods ready for harvest. You notice the little things when driving. It gives me an opportunity to stop and chat with the neighbors or take a passenger along for a great visit and a lasting memory. I dream of driving season when winter is raging or the spring rains are falling. It's knowing that for a short period every year I will be out there waving to people who pass me in their vehicles, I’m sure they are wishing it was them holding the lines of that fantastic looking pair of longears. Yes, it is me out there driving a team of mammoth donkeys in North Central Idaho on the spectacular Camas Prairie and enjoying a slower pace of life even if just for a brief moment in time.

Luc, Galahad… walk on boys, it's driving time! * Kristi*

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