For Adoption

"You can't change the world by rescuing one Long Ear, but for that one Long Ear, its world is changed forever."

To adopt an animal from Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue you will need to download, fill out, and submit an Adoption Application in doc format, or Adoption Application in PDF format. to Ann Firestone either by email at or U.S. Mail at:
Ann Firestone, 23 Saw Mill Road, South Acworth, NH 03607.

Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received. Adoptions will not be considered without an adoption application. We check refereneces and will let you know when your application has been processed and can discuss matching you with the right donkey(s) and/or mule(s).

Save Your Ass Longear Rescue

While Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue enjoys working with other rescues whenever we can, we remain an independent 501(c)(3) non profit donkey and mule rescue. We have no affiliation with any other rescue organizations.

Listed here are donkey's and mules who are currently available for adoption. Adoption fees may vary, based on any individuals level of training, ie under saddle, driving, etc.

All animals will be up to date on rabies, EWT, WNV, Flu, and Rhino, and will have a negative coggins and will have a veterinary health certificate if going out of New Hampshire.

Once your application has been approved we will happily keep your animal(s) here for two weeks at no charge. We understand that it can take time to get your property properly set up for your new additions. After two weeks, we charge a boarding fee of $75.00 a week per animal. If you are interested in adopting an animal after meeting said animal, we will give you a two week grace period to confirm your decision. If you decide to adopt you will be required to sign an adoption contract at this time.

Visit our Adoption Information page for more information on how to adopt a long ear from SYALER.

We do our best to keep this page current but please be understanding if you call about a long ear listed on this page and find that he or she has already been adopted! We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes but please, if you are interested in having a long ear in your family, and you find that the one on this page has been adopted already, talk to us about your interest and we will do our best to help you find your new best friend.

Ann Firestone - Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue, Broomtail Farm,
23 Saw Mill Road,
South Acworth, NH,
03607 (603) 835-2971

Adoption fees are:

Mini Singles: $750.00
Minis Pairs: $950.00

Standards: $500.00
Pairs: $850.00

Mules and Mammoth Donkeys: Adoption fees will vary.

Birdie, Gianni, and Aldo

This trio consists of a Premarin mare and her two mini donkey besties. Due to health issues, their long time owner sadly had to surrender them. As you know, we usually do not take in horses but these three have been together always. We did try separating them to see if Birdie might bond with another horse or a mule, but it was a definite no.

Birdie is a 19 year old Morgan, Premarin mare. She is super sweet and gets along well with horses, mules, and donkeys and people. She is approximately 15hh. She is utd on vaccinations and will have a negative coggins and current health certificate.

Aldo and Gianni are adorable 10-year-old mini donkey geldings. They are both super sweet, love people and love attention. They were great for their vet visit, cool little cukes. They are the perfect starter herd!

Adoption fee: 1500.00 for the trio



Luke is a 20-year-old Belgian draft mule gelding. He is a big love bug with people. He will do best in a home with a gelding horse as he loves horses. He has not been ridden but would love a job as he loves to interact with people and enjoys training. He would be a great training project for an equine savvy owner. Luke is up to date on his vaccinations and will have a negative coggins and a health certificate before going to his new home.

Adoption fee: $700.00.


Rufus and Emmy

Rufus and Emmy are a bonded pair of mules, Molly is a black mule who is roughly 13.2 hh and age has yet to be determined. She will be having her vaccinations and dental done this week. She is a beautiful, sweet mule and one of the smartest equines I have ever met. She loves training sessions, and being brushed and loved on. It's taken her quite a while to settle in here and to be friendly with us but is now warming up nicely.

Rufus is a 26 year old liver chestnut mule who is roughly 14.2 hh and goes under saddle. He is as sweet as the day is long and loves to be loved on. Rufus has had some rigorous blood work done, when he first came to us as his body condition was odd to say the least, he looked thin but had fat pads on his back, so we tested him for PPID and had a full blood panel done. He does not have PPID but had almost toxic levels of selenium in his body. He has been on forage and a very expensive dose of vitamin E daily and is looking and feeling much better the last couple of weeks!

Adoption fee: $1,500.00 for the pair.



Adel has yet to be seen by a vet so she is not ready to go to a new home but we are still accepting applications for her.

Adel is a very pretty 10 year old white (grey) standard donkey. She has been timid with men since we picked her up but will stand to be brushed and will stand next to you if you sit in the pasture. She loves her morning mashes and quietly whisper brays in greeting when she sees her food coming.

She is currently in Quarantine off of the farm property, but will join the others at the end of May.

Adoption fee: To be determined.


Molly and Toby

Molly and Toby are a bonded pair. Molly is a brown miniature donkey who is 25 years old. Toby is a small black standard donkey who is 10 years old. Both are great with being handled and pick up their feet nicely. These two have such sweet and loving personality's but can take a while to warm up to new people.

Molly has PPID and has started her daily medication, she will also need to have surgery to have all of her front incisors removed as they are diseased with Equine Odontontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis, (EOTRH).

This is a very common disease but is painful, and we are currently fundraising for this procedure to be done. Toby has no known issues. These two are up to date on all of their vaccinations, have had an intake forum done, have had a hoof trim and dentals. Molly has also had blood work done.

Adoption fee: $950.00 for the pair.



Pippa is an eleven year old spotted, miniature donkey. She has been in one home since she was six months old and had never been with other donkeys before coming here. She is very independent still and has not really made a best buddy yet.

As you can see she is a 'tad' overweight. She is on a diet plan to help her slowly reach a more healthy body condition.

She is not a fan of the vet or farrier yet, but we are working with her feet and other husbandry behaviors. You can see some training videos on SYA's FaceBook page.

Pippa has a negative coggins, is utd on tetanus and rabies, but will need a current health certificate before going to her new home.

Adoption fee: $600.