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"You can't change the world by rescuing one Long Ear, but for that one Long Ear, its world is changed forever."

To adopt an animal from Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue you will need to download, fill out, and submit an Adoption Application in doc format, or Adoption Application in PDF format. to Ann Firestone either by email at or U.S. Mail at:
Ann Firestone, 23 Saw Mill Road, South Acworth, NH 03607. (603) 835-2971

Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received. Adoptions will not be considered without an adoption application. We check refereneces and will let you know when your application has been processed and can discuss matching you with the right donkey(s) and/or mule(s).

Save Your Ass Longear Rescue

While Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue enjoys working with other rescues whenever we can, we remain an independent 501(c)(3) non profit donkey and mule rescue. We have no affiliation with any other rescue organizations.

Listed here are donkey's and mules who are currently available for adoption. Adoption fees may vary, based on any individuals level of training, ie under saddle, driving, etc.

All animals will be up to date on rabies, EWT, WNV, Flu, and Rhino, and will have a negative coggins and will have a veterinary health certificate if going out of New Hampshire.

Once your application has been approved we will happily keep your animal(s) here for two weeks at no charge. We understand that it can take time to get your property properly set up for your new additions. After two weeks, we charge a boarding fee of $75.00 a week per animal. If you are interested in adopting an animal after meeting said animal, we will give you a two week grace period to confirm your decision. If you decide to adopt you will be required to sign an adoption contract at this time.

Visit our Adoption Information page for more information on how to adopt a long ear from SYALER.

We do our best to keep this page current but please be understanding if you call about a long ear listed on this page and find that he or she has already been adopted!

We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes but please, if you are interested in having a long ear in your family, and you find that the one on this page has been adopted already, talk to us about your interest and we will do our best to help you find your new best friend.

Thank You!

Adoption fees (may vary):

Mini Singles: $850.00
Mini Pairs: $1500.00

Standards: $500.00
Standard Pairs: $850.00

Mules and Mammoth Donkeys: Adoption fees will vary.

Dory and Skiff

Dory is a beautiful brown standard donkey we believe to be in her teens. She came to us being unable to be handled by her former owner. With positive reinforcement training, she soon realized that people are not so bad after all. We did have to sedate her for her first hoof trimming but will continue to work with her to improve her behavior. She is scheduled to be seen by our vet soon to have a dental exam and be brought up to date on her vaccinations. She will do best in a home with someone with patience and an interest in continuing to work with her.

Skiff is her 4-month-old son, who is as cute as a bug's ear. He is super friendly, loves to be handled, and has had his first hoof trim. He too will be seen by our vet soon and he too will be brought up to date on his vaccination. Skiff will need to be gelded at about six months of age.

These two can go together or separately once Skiff has been weaned. The adopter will need to sign an agreement to have him gelded at the appropriate time. If they go separately one will need to have another donkey in the home already.

Adoption fee: together $850.00

Separately $500.00 each

Save Your Ass Longear Rescue Save Your Ass Longear Rescue

Monroe and Hilse

Monroe and Hilse are a bonded pair of donkeys, Hilse is assumed to be the mother of Monroe, but we are not certain on this. Monroe is a gorgeous 15 year old half standard half mammoth donkey who is 700 pounds of pure teddy bear fluff.

He is a cautious yet curious donkey who is eager to please. He has been great for having his feet picked up and cleaned. He was great for our veterinarian also! Hilse is 20 years young and surprised us with her age as she looks very youthful. Hilse has a one of a kind personality and is a very confident donkey. Hilse was also good for our vet and farrier.

Both of these two are up to date on all of their vaccinations and just had a dental exam and float. They just arrived at the rescue in the beginning of November so we are waiting for them to settle in a little bit before asking very much of them.

We are accepting applications on them now. If you are interested in these two, please fill out an adoption application that can be found on our website.

Adoption fee: $850.00

Save Your Ass Longear Rescue Save Your Ass Longear Rescue


Charlie has come out of his shell and is now part of the 'boys club'. He loves to play chase games with his herd mates and is a pretty happy camper.

He is shy around new folks at first but quickly warms up especially if he is ignored. He is a small standard, brown donkey who came to us from Texas via one of the Donkey Welfare Symposiums Ann attended at Cornell. He has a skeletal deformity that does not seem to affect him in any way - he just looks a bit wonky. His ears are crooked but we think it adds to his charm. He does have Cushing's Disease but does very well on his daily dose of 1/2 tab of Prascend.

He is approximately 15 years old and up to date on his vaccinations. We think he would do best with another playful gelding.

Adoption fee: $500.00

Save Your Ass Longear Rescue

Giselle and Minou

Giselle and Minou are a beautiful bonded pair of donkeys. They are larger standards at about 50 inches at the withers (about 12.2 hands). Giselle is the mother of Minou and they will not be separated. Giselle is about 17 years old and Minou is about ten. They are the sweetest gals who just want some one to spoil them. They are good for the vet and farrier. These two were with us before around 2018 and were recently surrendered back to us due to the previous owner having serious health issues. Giselle and Minou were spoiled by their owners in the best of ways and were so loved. They were not easily let go of. Their love and excellent care shows in how well they handle and how beautiful they both look. Giselle and Minou are in perfect body condition.

We would like to find these two a loving home where they can be doted over and loved for the rest of their days.

They are up to date on all of their vaccines and have just had their annual dental exam and float.

Adoption fee: $850.00 for the both of them.

Save Your Ass Longear Rescue Save Your Ass Longear Rescue

Save Your Ass Longear Rescue


Nunu is a sweet pea of a standard donkey. She came in looking like a yak! Since being here and learning to enjoy being groomed she now looks pretty spiffy. Nunu is about 17 years old. She has a growth on the skin near her right eye which has been seen by our vet. It does not bother her and has not changed in size so we are letting it be.

She gets anxious around the vet and farrier but has improved greatly with training and does not need sedation. She will do best with someone who will be patient, go slowly and allow her to trust. She is very lovey and wants to be with people once she knows them.

Nunu will be seeing our vet soon and will be brought up to date on her vaccinations. Nunu does have Cushings and is doing well on Prascend.

Nunu will need to go to a home that already has a donkey.

Adoption fee: $500.00


Shiraz is looking for a forever retirement home. She is a 17 year old Standardbred mare who is 15.2 hands. She is a total sweetie and an angel for the vet and farrier. She loves kids and will let them walk all over arround even under her. Her favorite thing to do is hangout in her stall and look pretty in front of her fan in the summer, and to be groomed.

She needs to gain a little bit of muscle still so movement would be good for her. We don't know very much about her history other than she was neglected previously and has been being fostered up the street from us for the summer, where she could be with other horse friends. Our foster person is going through some unfortunate life circumstances so we would like to find her a home ASAP.

She has no tattoo on her lip. We are not sure if she has ever been ridden in the past but she should not be ridden as she has an old leg injury on her back left hock that makes her unsound to ride. Maybe lead line for a small kid but no heavy work.

Adoption fee is $600.00 but negotiable to the right home.

Shiraz is UTD on all of her vaccines, has had a dental done by a veterinarian who specializes in dentistry, she has good teeth for her age. Will come with her own blankets, brushes, weight tape, and first months worth of grain and supplements, buckets she uses, fly masks etc.

We don't usually get horses to our rescue as we specialize in donkeys and mules so we have some horsey stuff she can be sent with.

Save Your Ass Longear Rescue Save Your Ass Longear Rescue