Instructions for submitting photos for the 2020 Save Your Ass Long Ear Calendar!

Your Long Ear photo is guaranteed to appear in the calendar if you submit your photo following these guidelines:

• Photos should be high resolution, preferably a minimum of 3300 x 2550 pixels (300 dpi at 11” by 8.5”) in order to be considered for pet of the month or the calendar cover. Smaller photo sizes may be eligible for smaller spots in the calendar. If you are not sure if your photo is large enough for the contest, send it along and we can check it for you.

• All photos (digital files only, jpeg format) and entry fees must be received by email by midnight August 15th. Please make sure your photos do not get resized in your email application.

• The 13 winners will be announced on in September 1st.

• Photos of donkeys, mules and hinnies only, please. Other animals may appear in the photo, but sorry, no humans.

• Save Your Ass Rescue reserves the right to use any and all photos submitted for their 2019 Calendar and on their website for promotion. Photos must be taken by you. Do not send photos taken by someone else.

Fundraising is critical to pay for veterinary bills, farrier fees, food and shelter for our rescued long ears. SYA has found new homes for more than 400 animals since 2007. Funds raised through this contest and the sale of the calendars will enable the Rescue to continue to provide these much needed services for long ears in need. The long ears especially thank you for your support!

When taking photos:

Set your camera at the HIGHEST resolution possible (photos will be printed at 8.5”x11”). Please don’t make the file smaller to email it. Send the original largest file. NOTE: If you plan to submit a photo taken with a cell phone please be sure it is at least an 8 MegaPixel image. Images taken with phones of lower resolution do not reproduce well and we cannot use them in the calendar.

Do NOT resize your own photographs. Submit originals and let us resize. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Professional printing presses need a higher-resolution than desktop printers. And even though a photo looks wonderful on your computer screen, it doesn’t mean it is of print quality. Ideally, we’re looking for images that are at least 3300x2550 pixels or 300 dpi at 11 by 8.5 inches. However, as always, we have both large and small images in the calendar, so we can consider many images, except for the very smallest. Horizontal shots only please.

How to re-name your photo:

Once the photo has been saved onto your computer, locate the photo.
-If you are using a PC, right click on the image and scroll to re-name.
-If you are using a Mac click once on the image, wait a few seconds, click again on the image and hold down the mouse button for a second. The file name should high light in blue.

Please rename all photo submissions with the following format layout:

Owners last name_owners first name_animals first name. For example:


For individuals entering more then one photo please use the following layout

Owners last name_owners first name_animals first name_photo number. For example:

Smith_Ann_Eeyore1.jpg and Smith_Ann_Eeyore2.jpg, etc

Two easy steps to enter:

Step One - OPTIONAL:

Please consider donating $5.00 for a bale of hay.

Payment can be made via PayPal or by personal check made payable to SYALER.

Be sure to note that it is for the Photo Contest!

Photo Contest,
Broomtail Farm,
23 Saw Mill Road,
South Acworth, NH,

Hay Donation

Step Two:

To submit your entry: Email your photos and/or any questions to Joan Gemme at In your email, please include your name, the name of the animal(s) in the photo(s) and a couple of lines describing your longear(s). Rename your files in the following format: Smith_Ann_Eeyore.jpg

We look forward to seeing your pictures!