Adoption Information

The first step in adopting a donkey or mule from SYALER is to fill out an Adoption Application in doc format, or Adoption Application in PDF format.

Save Your Ass Longear Rescue

You can either e-mail or snail mail your application to us. Once you have submitted your application, contact us via e-mail or phone to talk with a SYALER representative about animals currently in the rescue who might be a good match for you. When we have received your application and talked with you, we will call and talk with the references that you provided us with on your application. Home checks are also done to make sure your new long ear will be living in a safe environment.

At any point during this process you are welcome, and encouraged to schedule a time to come meet the donkeys and mules currently at the rescue. Once we have reviewed your application, contacted your references, and completed a home visit, you will be asked to sign the adoption contract and you will be all set to take your new donkey and/or mule home!

Once an adoption has been verbally agreed to and/or the contract has been signed, adoptees may spend two more weeks in the rescue at no charge while transportation plans are made. After two weeks, there will be a charge of $75.00 a week per animal.

If you need help finding a ride home for your new long ear, or in getting a surrendered animal to the rescue, Ann is happy to help you when possible. The charge is a $50.00 hook up fee plus $4.00 a loaded mile.

Please Note:
For a donkeys social and behavioral needs to be properly met, donkeys need another donkey as a companion. This is especially true for young donkeys who are still developing behaviors. For this reason, we will not adopt out single donkeys unless they are going home to be with another donkey. Mules make great companions for horses and other mules but are not suitable companions for donkeys. Horses, goats sheep, and chickens are also not suitable companions for donkeys. Please keep this in mind when adopting a donkey.

Adoption fees are:

Mini Singles: $850.00 Mini Pairs: $1500.00
Standard Singles: $500. Standard Pairs: $850.00
Mammoths and mules: Adoption fee will vary depending on training level of animal.

Return Policy

We have been very fortunate in the placements we have made. Almost all of them have worked out well. Occasionally one does not work for a variety of reasons. If your donkey or mule does not seem to be fitting in, we will take the animal back for up to two weeks after the date on which the animal is placed in it's new home and will issue a refund of the adoption fee in full.

There are often issues that can be resolved and we are happy to work with you to try to find a solution to any problems you might be having.

If for any reason an animal is to be returned to Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue, this will be done at the owner's expense.

Save Your Ass Longear Rescue

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